What’s In My Car?!?!

Since I’m heading back to work tomorrow after a year-long hiatus, I decided to clean out my car today in the hopes that someone might mistake me for an organized grown-up.  Here’s what I unearthed during my excavation:

SB (Small Boy’s) stuff:

About 30 pounds of yogurt puffs/pretzels/cheddar bunnies, all ground into a fine powder and festively strewn around the backseat of the car.

11 toy cars

6 half empty bottles of water

5 diapers that might have fit him six months ago

4 pairs of underwear (SB’s, not mine)

7 socks that haven’t fit SB in over a year

3 half eaten bags of Goldfish

One thrashed first aid kit

4 bowls

1 sippy cup lid

3 blankets

4 shirts, of which three are too small for SB

2 pairs of pants – see above

3 packets of dried out wipes

The Dog’s Stuff:

A blanket

Beefy treats

One leash

One squeaky lobster

A portable water bowl

My Stuff:

One flip flop

A box of mints

Apparently we were prepared to live in the car for a while if we had to.   SB would have been fine, the dog would have survived, and I would have been hopping  around on one foot.  At least my breath would have been minty fresh…


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