Spaghetti Man, a New Super Hero?!?!

It was a proud moment when I picked up SB (small boy) from his last day of school today.  After we finished loading the car full of ABC books, artwork, sprouted seeds and billions of teeny tiny plastic beads that are apparently crucial for summer craft fun and games (which amount to me prying them from the dog’s mouth), we began the drive home.  

The last day of school!! Camp, barbecues, fireworks – all that good stuff that sounds SO great until you’re a week into it and realize there’s eight more weeks to go…

But back to the car ride home.  I asked SB what he wanted to do this summer, and he said, “I want to invent a superhero who eats spaghetti and then shoots it out his butt so he can tie up bad guys”. 

I’m going to go stick my head in the dogs mouth now.  Eight more weeks.