Fun at the Airport

Yesterday we experienced all the thrills and excitement that traveling with a small boy (SB) can offer.  If I could give any parents advice about traveling with a toddler, it would be this:



Do it.

But sometimes you have to.

After a nice visit to Grammy and Grampy’s non-toddler proof house, I was relieved that everyone survived, nothing caught fire, and the dogs weren’t  too traumatized.  All in all, a successful trip.  Phew.

We got to the airport, kissed everyone good-bye, and stood waving at Grampy as he drove away with SB’s car seat that we forgot to take out of the back seat.  Pandemonium ensued.  Well, for me it did.  Read on.

I wish I could say that I’m calm under pressure like my husband (or Big Boy – BB).  He quietly called Grampy, and of course, of course, he didn’t answer. So the calmer BB got, the more flappy and, oh, shall we say…insane, I got.   All kinds of horrifying scenarios were racing through my head – Pulling a Britney Spears and driving all the way home with SB in my lap?  NO.  Waiting an hour and a half at the airport with a tired, cranky SB so that BB could drive home, get the other car seat and come back for us?  Oh my GOD.  NONONONONO!!!   We finally figured out a plan that involved borrowing a car seat when we landed, and my heart rate returned to fairly normal.  Phew.

Then we had to clear security.  Not a big deal, no line, SB managed to keep it together, and then they lost my flip-flop on the conveyer/x-ray belt.  How the HELL?  WHAT THE????  So now, we’re car seat-less and I have one shoe.  I was on the brink of saying things that would have had me led off by Airport Security, and then someone found the rogue flip flop up by the x-ray machine.

Ok.  Double phew.  Off to the gate.  SB’s still keeping it together and I’m slowly calming down again.

S**hit!  They’re boarding already?  The one time the airline is early and efficient, we’re nowhere near the (*@#&* gate.  So I end up in one row with both kids, and BB is a few rows up (he CLAIMS he didn’t nap.  Hmm.).  Luckily we sat in front of “the man who never stopped talking” (every flight has one of those), so no one noticed SB opening and closing the window flap for an hour and a half.

When we landed, I realized it was a full moon.  There was also lightening flashing in the distance – the perfect end to a horror movie kind of day.  Hitchcock couldn’t have made up anything more terrifying than traveling with a toddler.  Can anyone top this?  Let’s hear your horror stories, I know there’s a few more out there…

The Joys of Traveling With a Small Boy

We just got back from a three and a half day family visit to Los Angeles.  Now bear in mind that we weren’t traveling to a remote island outpost, 17 hours from civilization with no infrastructure, we were simply going to the largest city in California.  And also remember that LA happens to have a Trader Joes and/or an organic grocery store on almost every corner, lots of 24 hour pharmacies, and from what I’ve been led to believe, a fairly civilized way of life. 
So here’s what I packed for the SB:
One stroller
One booster seat
Four pool noodles
A hat
Assorted plates/bowls/cups
Four stuffed animals
A garbage bag crammed full of toys
Two blankets (one standard, one just in case SB had a fit because he missed it)
Two pillows
Three different kinds of diapers
An entire pharmacy devoted to keeping SB safe and happy
            Organic cheddar bunnies
            Organic chocolate bunnes
            Granola bars
            Yogurt pretzels
            Raisin bars
            Organic pop-tart type things
Pool Floaties/toys
Clothes for almost every occasion (because you never know)
Bath stuff – toys, soap/shampoo
Three pairs of shoes
One lunchbox
Here’s what I packed for me:
A swimsuit
A few tops
Here’s what my husband packed:
Nothing.  Duh. There was no room.