“R” is for What???

Every day when I pick up SB (small boy) from Pre-K, I walk down the hallway whimpering quietly to myself, praying that when I open the classroom door his teacher won’t look at me and shake her head, or worse yet,  make some sort of sympathetic expression.  It’s always a gamble.

Recent incidents have included a bout of biting (I thought we were done with the cannibal phase), a testosterone filled moment where he hit another kid; and my favorite “ouch report” of all time, “SB fell in the playground and hit a dinosaur, resulting in a bloody nose”. That was, pathetically enough, a proud moment in parenting for me.  Much better than the usual, “SB was picking his nose too much and made it bleed”…

So today when I went to pick him up, she was laughing. I wondered if I should turn around and run back out to the car, or be brave and walk into the room.  I chose the brave route but only because a classroom full of toddlers was blocking the hallway.

Her source of amusement today was during circle time.  Apparently they were going around the classroom and she was asking the kids what word started with a certain letter (A is for apple, P is for pony, etc.).  She got to SB and said, “what word starts with R?”, and he replied, “raw dog food”.  

Granted, I do feed our dog raw food, but really?  He couldn’t come up with “rabbit”?  


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