Home Alone – Or the Lost Art of Doing Nothing…

SB (small boy) “blasted off” (his words, not mine) on a plane to Sacramento with his papa yesterday.  After they left, I realized that this is the first time I’ve been home for a few days by myself in SIX YEARS.

 Six years.  Wowee.  So what am I doing?  Half of me wants to do the “Risky Business Underwear Dance” and celebrate, and the other half is kind of stunned by all the silence. Last night I literally bounced around for about two hours doing laundry, tidying up, feeding pets, etc., and after all that figured it was probably time to go to bed. It was 7:45.  Not good.  So did I do something productive, like exercise?  No.  I snacked and watched three hours of TV.  Uh oh…

In order to maintain some semblance of order and avoid turning into a 400 pound slug in the next two days, I came up with a “to do” list:

Get pedicure


Shop for jeans

Buy dog food

Do nothing


I swear to God that’s what I wrote.  I actually have “do nothing” on my list.  Am I going to forget?  Can I cross it off on Sunday night?  How much nothing should I do before I can check it off?  Apparently I’m going to need an agenda for all the nothing that I’m planning on doing.  And if I plan on doing nothing, is it really nothing or is it something? 

Maybe I’ll just stop doing nothing and take a nap instead.


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