The Age of Contrasts. Big Ones.

First off, I have to say that having a full time job is really cutting into my writing time.  I’ve also discovered that the big problem with writing is you actually have to sit down and do it.  It’s really not one of those things you can fake, because I’d look pretty stupid posting blank pages on my blog site, and I’m guessing most people might catch on if I tried that.  With that being said, here are today’s musings, which is proof that I did manage to get my butt in the chair today… and for the four or five of you who actually read this, the long wait (or respite) is over…

So aside from the horror of having a three-year-old dictator-tot running the show most of the time, it’s also looking like this might just be a pretty sickeningly cute age.  There’s lots of hugging and snuggling, and lately he’s taken to singing, which just curls my toes and makes me want to die of a sugar/sweetness overdose.  It’s a time of great contrasts – our house is either like a Disney movie with birds landing on SB and everyone bursting into song, or it’s the set of The Shining with someone creeping around corners saying, “Redrum” with an evil laugh. 

I’m finding that bribery – oops, I mean rewards/incentives – work fairly well with SB now that’s he’s a big boy kid (his phrase, not mine).  I’m not saying that he’s a sucker, but I’m feeling fairly smug about how easily he falls for my schemes.  Usually.  Call it what you want, but if a $1.00 Hot Wheel does the trick of keeping him in bed, or peeing in the bathroom, whatever – I’m in. 

Lastly – the singing is off the charts.  For some strange reason, he really likes the Beatles’ “Octopus Garden”, and to hear him sing along and mangle the words makes me want to die of cute.  And not to be too obnoxious, but he’s clearly a musical prodigy.  It’s just a matter of time before he buys me a private island with his royalties.  As long as no one’s creeping around saying, “Redrum”, I’ll take it. 

So what do you all think?  Did the terrible-awful-embarrassing twos turn into the usually very cute – except when it’s not – threes?




7 thoughts on “The Age of Contrasts. Big Ones.

  1. We are 3 weeks past Christmas and Jingle Bells is still being belted out at our house, with extra emphasis on “hey” after one horse open sleigh. Cute yes, timely and in tune? Not on your life! I do recall one of my kids 15 years ago, during a solo at church singing the “King was exhausted” rather than exalted. He brought down the house…..

  2. Where HAVE you (‘re writings) been…and are you a working girl again? And yes, you’re over the hump (so to speak) now. Your only worry is a) to see who can manipulate whom and b) kids are getting older so much quicker now I’m glad I’m through the rearing stage (so to speak).


    • I’m back to work full time, it’s a juggling act for sure! He’s definitely got me pegged, I’m a sucker for hugs and kisses so he knows how to work it. Little monster!

  3. Even at the sometimes surly age of 15, Ben still knows how to work mom. He’s very good at changing my mood after a bad day at work. When I walk in the door and he comes at me with “you look like you need a hug”. That almost guarantees him a “yes” to whatever request he has at the time. I know. . .I’m a sap!

  4. We just recently have our first child, it’s definitely the greatest joy in the world for us. However, like many new parents it’s a challenge leaving your new born and getting back to work.

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