Potty Training…In the Trenches

I’m not going to mince words – Potty Training is Hell.  Forget about war and bedtime, hell is a stubborn two year old learning to use the potty.

We’re at day five of “Operation Do or Die Potty Training”.  Days one and two were really, really great – we’d plop him on his super cool Disney themed potty, he’d do his business, we’d pull up his Disney themed big boy underwear, and give him a Disney themed sticker.  Clearly no potty training would ever get done without the Disney Empire.

 Day Three – SB (small boy) pooped on the potty!  Dancing, lots of high fives, applause, singing and celebration ensued!  A new remote controlled jeep was purchased and SB was thrilled with himself.  So what if he insists on taking off ALL of his clothes to use the potty?  Whatever works.  Piece of cake, I thought – we’ll be done in a week.

Day Four – SB pooped AND peed in his DTBBU (Disney themed big boy underwear) because he didn’t want to stop playing with his damned remote controlled jeep and take a potty break.  I was whining about this to a friend and she pointed out that no one really wants to stop having fun for a potty break.  Point taken.  And not to be too graphic, but cleaning up little boy underwear is not high on my list of fun things to do.  Let’s just say that underwear Buzz and Woody were not amused.

Day Five – today – SB went off to school with five extra pairs of DTBBU’s, and three pairs of spare shorts.  So far I haven’t gotten any phone calls, but it’s only 11:00.  The teacher seemed on the ball and listened politely to my rambling on how to do this (apparently SB’s not the first kid in day care to go through this…), so I’m keeping everything crossed that all goes well.  I did go and buy ten more pairs of underwear just in case.

And just to add to the fun, we now have a little Disney themed potty in the middle of our living room.  Our new decorating style is Early American Outhouse.  Classy. 

And I won’t even get started on the laundry. 

How long does this take?  Weeks?  Months?  Will he be applying for his Driver’s License in diapers?  Aside from crate training and hot dog treats as one of my snarky dog trainer friends suggested, any tips from potty training survivors out there? 


5 thoughts on “Potty Training…In the Trenches

  1. How long??? Who knows. He’ll decide for you unfortunately. You’d think I’d be o.k. with the accidents that happen since this #6, but they still bother me a bit. Oh yeah, I had to pick up a new washing machine today, too many loads of BBU and shorts I guess. I keep thinking back to my week and a half as an empty-nester.

    • Our washing machines getting quite a workout too. As is the credit card, we now have spiderman underwear, toy story, cars, etc. now if I could just get him to focus on the task at hand!

  2. Hi! At least he is getting part of it. 🙂 We just went through this last week with Jada while school was shut down. Her teacher recommended something that I think helped BIG time…..a timer! We set it for every 45 minutes. Whether she had to go or not, she knew that when that timer went off, we went to the potty. Two days later and we didn’t need the the timer any longer. She is completely potty trained and tells us every time she has to go. With little sister here now and going back to school we still have yet to have an accident. (Sorry, not bragging, just informing. :)) Good luck and keep up with it….I do hear that boys are harder than girls to train.

    • I like the timer idea, I’ll have to try that! He’s having aiming issues (yuck) so now we have little bags of Cheerios by each potty so he can aim for them. And wait wait wait! Where are the pics of new baby? What’s her name?? Congratulations, how are you feeling? Mucho love and can’t wait to see your new little one! Hugs to you all!

  3. Did you try the timer? If so, how is it working out? I will post on my blog this weekend about Baby Ava and post pics. Thank you for the congrats. I am feeling good, thanks. Just adjusting to a family of four instead of three. Baby Ava came so quickly I didn’t have any drugs or tearing, so no recovery period. She is doing unbelievably well with sleeping (fingers crossed it keeps up.) Hugs to you as well, and hang in there with Matt. He’ll get it sooner or later…..let’s hope. 🙂

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