Home Décor With a Small Boy – Or, How to Live With Chaos

Back before SB (small boy) came into the picture, our house looked fairly nice for two people who were born without the decorating gene.  We had tchotchkes from the places we’d traveled, some interesting photos and paintings on the walls, and overall things matched fairly well.  I don’t think Architectural Digest would have beaten down our door, but our house looked presentable.
Now our house looks like Walmart after a Midnight Madness sale – trashed, stuff everywhere, chaos, and two stunned people who can’t understand what the hell just happened.  The worst part is that everything breakable or dangerous is at least four feet off the ground in order to keep SB alive.  I suppose this decorating scheme will be handy if there’s ever a flood.
As I sit here writing this, I’m looking around our living room and here’s what I see: three ears and a mouth for Mr. Potato Head; about 10,000 Hot Wheels festively strewn across the floor; assorted dog squeaky toys (she’s in on this too, I know it); and for some reason only two year old boys know, there’s an ambulance and a dump truck on the couch. 
In a desperate attempt to have one measly area in our house look presentable, we painted a wall a color called Juicy Cantaloupe, and hung our photos and candle sconces back up.  It looks really pretty…until…you look down.  Then you see a Thomas the Train table piled high with tracks, trains, helicopters and assorted boy stuff.  And that’s right next to a giant red Lightening McQueen chair.  FAIL.
As a result of all of this, I’m starting to think that the trick is to not look down.  Sort of like my “if you’re feeling fat, only look at your head when you pass a full length mirror” theory.  So from now on we’re only going to have tall friends over, and then simply force them to look up while they’re here. 
Denial wins again.

3 thoughts on “Home Décor With a Small Boy – Or, How to Live With Chaos

  1. Okay, truth be told….Travis has an amp in the family room and a couple of hoodie type jackets on the back of a chair of course and then his guitars populate the house from time to time. Gini and I both have artwork framed and where are they…propped against the wall instead of hanging where they should be. Then the cats have their toys all over the place and from time to time we have hair ball and cat puke to deal with. And then there are books. Gini is reading some "romance novels" which have to deal with sex because they are reproducing all over the place.Did I mention camera gear, computer accessories, computers, iPads, iPods?

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